the COÑo effect

I'ts been a long time since ive never thrown anything in my repository. I'm glad the IT department are sleeping today or better still might have not been doing their job religiously! Thanks God! I can visit my blog!

Earlier today i was able to check my outlook and have been fascinated with lots of emails from co-workers and friends. Well, much of which are spams from viagra or erectile dysfunction pills. I dunno where they all came from. I've been trying to configure my outlook for deleting messages not part of my lists but to no avail.

Its been a week now since the email spam about a coño guy's blog over the net had been circulating on emails. Finally it landed on my mailbox subject to my own scrutiny or appreciation. The blog was done in a sattirical wit with words like that of a coño of course! It was all about his rants and honesty, about his hate to call center people. Unfortunately, I'm one of them. But i was never irate nor furious on his rants about "us". I felt sorry for him instead. He might have portrayed an elite way of living but gold may expire anytime. Here are some qoutations from the email spam written by you know who.

To qoute:

Below are 10 things you should know to spot an orc...
They are always making kumpol almost on all public places making loud kwentos to each other and making loud tawas while speaking to each other with English accent pa! Tapos when you look at them they are like very much natives pare. Complete with the balat mahirap pa.
People aboard some masa jeepneys and other public utility vehicles with their rather gaudy and obviously second hand ukay-ukay clothes. Tapos sticking out pa their latest got-from-the-bombays-as-hulugans celfones from time to time for all to see. Kaya naman most of them usually ends up all patay na from the tusok on the side they got from being held up. Lousy no?
People who are flashing their faux-brand clothing like Louis Vuitton, DKNY, etc. tapos making lakad lang together with their big bags containing their lutong bahay baons and everything-they-need-for-the-day-na-galing-from-haus-just-to-survive kit dahil they are making tipid to save their money pa to buy some mumurahing drinks from Coffee Bean or Starbs to look cool pare. Tapos when you try to stare at them for about ten minutes, some words starts na to magically appear all over their body no.. Words like "FAKE", "POSER", "ORC" and may complete phrase pa na "HEY! LOOK AT ME, I'M LIKE A FUCKING YABANG POSEUR NO!". Optical illusion? Hell NO pare!
People making tambay along sidewalks (i'm referring to makati, ortigas and QC business districts pare) and trying hard to look sosy by making hithit their mumurahing Phillip yosi. Very much looking like a bunch of crapolas if you ask me.
People with complete set of AM/FM stereos tapos making it tago lang inside their pockets para it would look something like an ipod pare. Tapos even though there's a loud music na sa place, they will try to wear pa rin their headphones and make headbang. Eh they are listening lang naman to AM balita no. The hell pare!
People wearing thick jackets even though its sooo fucking init sa pinas. Tapos when they try to make taas na their kili-kili to make the funk its like so dripping wet na with the baho masa juice.
People wearing uber kapal chin-chun-su foundation just to hide their panget faces and only goes out at night because they're afraid that the tanghali sun might melt their faces and reveal the kadire physiognomy underneath no. As in!
They live at the ipis and daga infested squalid part of the city. Places that the goverment should consider bulldozing na because of the pollution they generate and the low morality they teach their uber daming kids which are the future holduppers and kidnappers here sa pinas.
All the baklas and tivolis you see at night making pakalat-kalat at the business districts. Tapos they are making tingin pa with matching pagnanasa pare in their eyes. As in asa pa them no!
And they have this uncanny ability to irritate my aura. Its creepy and eery at the same time.

Funny isn't it?

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