Its been very late before i decided to put an entry to my repository. Thoughts came crushing to my mind lately and its been so hard for me to start. Until now, i still don't know what to post.

I just wished to be spontaneous though. The attitude i had, even when writing investigative entry on our paper three years ago.

Writing may be my passion but there are times when you run out of words, thoughts, ideas and a great theme to sell your article. In contrary however, there are also times when your brain cells are in full bloom and in extreme functioning. Both will end up unproductive though.

Last night, amidst the ocassional rainshowers in this tropical country, i received an SMS from a friend whom i admired. Though my mind's resisting not to, i ended up on board the first cub i saw off to see her. I wanted to talk to a friend, she said. Well then, this is best time to see her after half a year of no contact. I really hate going out when it rains! I just felt like melting when my feet are wet and even if the night was old, i tried to alter my mood so as not to dissapoint her. We ended up at Starbucks.

I don't know if she gained or lose weight. She still the same Chicky i used to talk about nonsense stuffs and rants at work and lovelife. I tried to resist the smell of coffee in the venue. In as much as i want to have some, I'm afraid i can't sleep for the early morning shift or better still, i can't wake up for it! We talked about the usual stuff. Confusion about men, feelings and decision that needed to be considered a million times. I'm glad i'm a Geisha! I dont have to feel the same way she felt. Confused, torn between two, three, four lovers!

In a relationship like ours, well at least on my personal account, I don't have to think much nor consider many things prior to commitment. Though I hate commitment, i tried to be open to flaws. Well, sino ba namang hindi takot masaktan? Aber? But once i had a taste of him he'll never be the same..(kanta yan, Livin la Vida Loca..hihihi)! True enough, i already decided to end up my relationship of three months almost three weeks ago. We neither squeal each others negatives nor quarrel over petty things. Nagkatampuhan lang. And since ma pride most of the GEisha, pinaninindigan ko na. But i thought naka move on na ako. Di pala! Every SMS i recieved from him was like a drop of water unto my forehead over and over again. It was like torture. I never intend to patch things up. We are friends and that's good enough for me until last weekend when the unexpected meeting took place at the very unexpected, inappropriate place.

After the beer session we had at The Fort last Sunday night, a friend texted my cousin for an invitation. A very late one though. We could've spent the bucks we spend at the fort at her birthday should she had texted earlier. Somehow, after a 30 minute drive, we were all welcomed like celebrity at the birthday bash. I knew my XMen lived there and i wasn't totally expecting to see him there that night. Sa laki ba naman ng place!

Fate? Or coincidence i could hardly explain! Right at the parkway, He saw me. Yes i did saw him pero kunyari deadma. HE approached me, hug and cried! Ewan lasing lang yata..and everything follows. Yoko na syang e detail pa! The common denominator is that we still feel for each other. And true, love is sweeter/sweater the second time around.LOL

If only if i could tell my friend Chicky to be practical about her feelings, i couldn't help it! She's a woman. She'll get preggy anytime. And i'm a GEisha, i can get heaven all the time. JOke!

I remained quite and calm at work today. Others were not used to my change in behavior. I have been bothered by the unexpected events that happened to me, bothered by my friends revelation as well. But what they didn't know is that I have been cahtting alll throughout my shift to people i didn't expect to be so blunt and gross in a good way.

I met Eve at the Main room sa Yehey. I can't resist her antics! HEr humor and her loquaciosness! BUt i loved talking to her discussing her rants about (as usual) lovelife and the love triangle, square, rectangle, hexagon she'd experienced lately. But she's a generous one. She shared all her used up cucumber at work. At least it wasn't wasted! After a night's purpose, the cucumber was served as a delicious salad sa office nya. Of course, hinagusan naman po nya mga kapatid! And there's Boysisid who have been very persistent about his ideas. We've been talking about anything under the sun and sex is no exemption. That has always been at the hotseat wherever chat room you are! And his suggestion bothers me once more. That is why my mind has been working so fast because fo the things that bothers me. But he's a winner. His suggestion puts me in a state of shock. Well, its not what you think! Of course he didn't offer an indescent proposal. If thats the case i would readily accept such!hehehe:)

I wonder how he visualized me. Did he not obviously saw the Geisha in me on my friendster profile? I can't help it! But i haven't slept with a woman before not even in dreams. Ayokong magsalita ng tapos. But if i were to ask right now, i would dare say NEVER/NO/I WON'T!

Ewan ko na lang bukas....


  1. ~wickedlysexy, c",)July 22, 2007 at 9:27 PM are you starting to think about your gender preference na ba, my friend *wink*...

    well,masarap naman talaga na minsan malayo sandali sa mahal mo...absence really makes the heart grow fonder.

  2. amen to that my dear..thanks sa comment but i'm not doubtful about being a geisha yet..secired pa


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