Does anyone know your password?** my bf. seloso man gud!
What was the last thing you orderedat McDonalds?** breakfast meal kanina (longanisa)!
Are you an emotional person?** it didn't show but i am!
Do you like your name?** Of course! wala jud koy kapareha sa world. (?)
Do you believe in love at firstsight?** No! sex at first sight hinoon!
Ever felt jealous of your friend?** nope. dili ko insecure nga tawo..
watched a movie?** harry potter and the order of phoenix
Who makes you really happy?** being successful!
What song makes you cry?** failures and worries..
How's the weather right now?** its warm and humid outside. winter among weather inside(kusog kaayung aircon)Last person who called you?** ramil
Last song you sang?** con ti partiro
Do you like anyone?** a huh!
Lost a friendship over somethingstupid?** nope. if it was lost, it was because of something so bankable.
Last thing you drank?** ice tea sa mcdo... :)
Last thing you ate?** saging!!!
What did you do last night?** prayed na sana maaprov na akong broadband para online nko sa house:(...
Faked being sick to miss school?** nope. sa work hinoon...!
What time did you wake up today** 4:30 am. normal waking hour nah nko..
Last person you talked to?** quoc bal vuong from san antonio, texas!
Last person you made fun of?** si gary from CA...
What month is it?** july...
Did you go anywhere today?* kalooy sa juice wala jud butt is glued on this chair..thanks god its 7 minutes before take off.
Where else are you going today?** glorietta. after shift!
Are you watching TV?** yup!
Are you closer to your mom or dad?** very much. but not physically:(
Do you have a best friend(s) youcan count on for anything andeverything?** nope. im not a friendly homo sapien. im a solitary mammal.
What's the most annoying thing?** backbitter and hugawan
Do you like music?** its my passion
Do you want to get married?** soon. (maybe next month kung makatigum nah)
Where?** sa baguio
Where did you go on vacation lastsummer?** hmmmm none! sa metro lang gasalimuang.
Would you bungee jump?** i will.
Do you like roller coasters?** never. i dont wanna puke and urinate on my undies.
Is there anything you wish forevery summer?** i wanna see london
Do you use chopsticks?** always if naa ko sa tokyo-tokyo
What's your favorite meal of theday?** dinner!
Do you like life right now?** yessss!Have you ever tripped going up thestairs?** nope. OC bya ko!What is one thing you really wantto do this summer?** go to bora!


  1. Hmm..nice meme! Can I get tagged to do this? Hehe..I LOVE longanisa rice at McDo for breakfast..yum!!

  2. that a yes? :)

  3. churi po di ako marunong mag tag..panu ba? hihihi

    my answer is always YES!


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