"Your destination will not matter, what matters a lot is your journey towards it"

I know i have to equip myself with the best and the most useful things to venture on a quest. I knew i can't bring my bed, or my Tv set, or my appliances whenever i go through.

Its too bulky for you to carry on some extra luggage and for sure airport officials won't allow it. Same with boarding a ship, you will be very tired and exhausted bringing all those bulk of unnecessary things.

Somehow, those bulky objects will just hinder your journey and would even create chaos along the way.

My journey has just begun...
It is not a journey back home! Neither a journey of pleasure anywhere else around this polluted planet. Not a journey for money, fame or honor! Not for aiming or acquiring gold.
My journey is more deeper than that!
My journey may be wierd or unconventional to the rest. But i remain persistent, struggling and hoping i could finally reach or if not find some other path to cross along this journey. A journey towards self. I'm a bit scared. A little bit hesitant, but something deep within me dictates me to venture and take the risk. I dont wanna go insane and live a crazy life at an asylum. But something strong dictates me to take the risk and open up my mind.

I know its just a matter of self-realization. An in depth matter of contemplation. I'm not getting any younger. Life this time is deviously unacceptable. I dont want to settle for bizarre and impeccable way of living. A life that has been patterned. A life guided by the rulings of church yet rubbish! I don't want to succumed in temptation. A life of immaturity.

I still have other questions that needed an answer! No state law nor church doctrine can fathom nor give me an exact reason on certain existence on things and matter. Science perhaps!

In time, i'm confident that i'll have these questions answered. If not for my lifetime, maybe after-life.

These questions makes me deeply profound!

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