Two cases of marriage issue.
One for me and one for my cuz.
Both are complicated.
Both are beyond the conventions of this stupid society.
Both may end up a nightmare.
His is normal mine is not!
Only one will survive, i guess.

Heterosexual marriage.

My cousin Jazz is also a Geisha. He had undergone a major transformation and transfiguration both physically and mentally. He had been a titlist for numerous Miss Gay competition and lived a life like a woman. He had been a trainee for Japan entertainers and perhaps had been in japan by now should his agency renewed their license from DOLE. Its all for one cause. It is his ultimate goal to see himself a full time "babae", earn money in japan and help his family. But that was 5 years ago.

Now, he has changed a lot. Gone are the days when he'll never left home without a lipstick or a maskara. No more bras and panties. Only boxers and sandos. A man in his package but the heart of a geisha! Somehow he managed to live a life without repercussions on her past. Pictures that pointed out his femaleness were kept and his lifestyle changed for good. It was a painful effort for him. And i salute him for such sacrifice towards "bagong buhay".

But things started to turn very bad lately. HE met a common friend somewhere in the metro and everything started to take place for his soon to be marriage to a young lady with an instant baby. I could hardly fathom how did that happen! He didn't even bother telling me that he courted her (or at least if there is courtship happening between them). I only found out last night when i heard him weep under the pillows.

Living in the outskirts of the metropolitan, the bride to be parents called him last night demanding his personal appearance. Pamamanhikan in short at the end of this week. The thing this Geisha is worried about! Though her parents already saw him on one ocassion, they deemed it more appropriate if JAzz will talk to them personally about his and their daughter's alledged relationship.

I asked him if he's serious! He was just kidding, he said. He is neither ready to leave a life of conviviality nor to get married unprepared. And he commented " once a bruha, always a bruha!"
Every questions i had behind my mind left unspoken for the fear of his perpetual demeanor was answered.

I realized that birds of the same feather, eat Worms. Big worms! They all are. We all are.

Its not always that easy to exchange I do's, at least on his end not mine!

Same-Sex marriage

Unlike my cousin Jazz, mine is a more complicated yet simple matter. All i gotta do is say yes and everything will be ok at least for an indefinite time frame. I don't even have an idea if we will work it out. And i was surprised when he uttered those words to me yesterday.

He wants to marry me in BAguio. The venue i've known to have wed same-sex couples in the country. I don't know where he got that idea but i've asked him several times and i believed he really is a serious homo sapien that night. I asked him for some time. I wanted to think about it first. Hindi sa nagpapakipot or nagpapacute, like any other marriage issues, me too don't want to end things up to separation. I just wanted to make sure that i made a good choice. He could be one. But 5 months is not enough. I still want to know him best, his worst and the evil in him. Personally, i can always say yes to his offer to fed my fantasies but i am living in a society where people are narrow minded. And besides i'm still sane. Unless otherwise...(denial)


  1. marriage is something worth thinking twice b4 saying ur i do's... but once you've done it, it's a commitment for a lifetime! (hopefully!) :-)

    and i vow myself to stay single forever!

  2. huhuhuhuhuh..

    a second thought.

    you made me pause for a bit!

    I'll surely think about it!

  3. well ur planning to get married in baguio? good. one of my friends and her partner (she's a lesbian) got married there too.

    i too am a lesbian. me and my partner have been together for almost four years, and we are very haapy with our life.

    well, keep it up!
    nice blog. visit mine too.

  4. Thanks Rara:)

    your inspiring me to do so...

    may i know the costs and preparations?

    complicated ba?

  5. cost and preps.. well nasa inyo naman yun.
    sa case nung fwend ko, simple lang yung wedding. close fwends and ilang family members from both sides. kaka touch nga nun kse umatend yung mga tatay nila.

    yung prang reception simpleng kainan lang sa resto. u should check the place minsan, mamasyal kau sa yobag. ^_^

  6. hmmmm...sorry for the late response... medyo busy-busyhan..hihihi

    thanks sa info.. gusto ko kasi bongga..hihih joke lang:)

    hopefully we could pay a visit there to see it for ourselves...

    ang dami ko pang iniisip...

    bsta pag natuloy you are cordially invited..:)

  7. hi!! i'm a lesbian ask ko lang sang church sa yobag,baguio o anung name ng church???tnx

  8. ask kOh poh if were ung exact address nung church for lesbian wedding.?

    plszzzzzzzzz...i'm interested to get married soon with my baby ei........


  9. hi ask ko lng po san pwde magpaksal sa baguio and how much will it pay?

  10. saan exactlocation ng church pwede mag pakasal sa baguio city and what mga requirements nila and how much will it cost??...tnx..

  11. saan church sa baguio city pwede mag pakasal ang lesbian??..pls i need the exact location and the requirements and how much will it cost??...tnx

  12. saan location sa baguio ung church na pwede mag pakasal same sex????


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