As i was in the process of digging some life's verities within me, i realized i lived a life full of confusion and complexities.

My gender alone is a complex matter! A debate between nature and nurture if we'll put it that way. But mind you! I may not explain it clearly but hear then this personal story. (oo personal dahil akin lang to..LOL)

I admit I'm gay. Yes i am without batting an eyelash. I'm proud to be one. The second in the family of five siblings, i was regarded as the only begotten son who later turned out to be the beg-oten* son! (hehehehhe)I was so blessed to have an educated parents and supportive sisters. They have always been my inspiration wherever my happy feet leads me. My papa is strict, disciplinarian and strong in nature. Perhaps due to the castillian way they were raised as a child! Dios mio que espaƱol! And i was not spared for his nightmares. I remember one time when he saw me taking all the heavy dining curtains and i turned it into a gown. I felt like cinderalla then until i saw his furious eyes staring at me. I was like tarzan swinging from branches to branches with my undies left avoiding the beat of his leather belt into the jungle i called room. He didn't say anything. I knew he had an idea of who i am he just can't embrace the reality that no one will ever turned his clan into a multitude flocks of able, dignified men and women. If i may, perhaps a multitude of lesbians and transvestites!(heheheheh) But living the way i do is very simple as much as my gender is concern. I am not into double personality. The way people saw me at home is the same as in any other places. People respect me for who i am regardless of who i become. You can't request other to respect you. My sole weapon? Respect yourself and everything will follow!

My personality is mysterious and most talked about in tabloids and on philippine dailies. JOke! Shameful but others may find me arrogant and perfectionist. My elder sister is one. She'd always stop talking whenever i talked telling me she won't stoop on my perfectionist manner. I disagree.

For me there is a thin line between arrogance and confidence. Its like female hymen who is so thin and vulnerable! And i disagree with them tagging me as arrogant! Confident is the word. Everytime we step on the stage for some talks we are always reminded to be confident. Everytime we do things of our own we'r always told to have confidence in ourselves! And with that, we were able to win, conquer and overcome our fears! And if you brag every product of these confidence, your turning yourself arrogant! And i'm not!

To live a life like mine is like conquering your fears even beating your worst nightmare. Not only that!

You must have the wits and strong personality of Dolores Umbridge.

The eloquence of Professor McGonagall.

The balance and fair manner of Prof Dumbledore.

The persistence of Neville for learning.

The charm of Cho.

The quirk of Luna.

The paranoia of Fudge.

The mystery of Tom Riddle.

The generous heart of Hagrid.

The bravery of Harry.

The loyalty of Ron and Hermione.

And the courage to dress like Bellatrix!

CAn you do it? I dare you!LOL

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