The only word i can describe during my day. Not a lavish bash, not the typical lechon on the banquet table. Just plain and simple dinner with some exclusive and close friends and cousin. And they made my day memorable, happy and full of hopes.

My day started with a 'lil prayer of thanks to the Almighty. I even told my cousin to bring my cadaver back home if can't wake up in the morning, before going to sleep. Much to his surprise, he slammed me with the pillows. Of course i mean it halfway. We are not sure about our future much as we are sure about living everyday. Others were found dead on their bed. It may also be possible to anyone of us.

My prayer was deep. I keep on repeating the words thank you. I may sound redundant to god and my prayer may be sagging but he knows what i meant. With few sighs and stretching, my day starts as i expected, going to work. Im not an exception to that. There should have been a holiday on my natal day if i were the president of the comapny or the country. BUt i'm not! I'm just a mere employee. I went to work silent. Nobody knows about it. I was quite nervous on what to prepare for dinner. My shift ends at 3 pm and i bet that wont be enough to prepare for it. I seek permission from my sup if i could go home early though tagged as half-day or undertime. She said my pay would be affected but i told her i am willing to take risk for my bday. I went home at 12 to prepare what needs to be done. Glad i have friends to help me. My friends came and we had dinner. Have some beer and brandy and sing to their hearts content. They made it memorable.

Im so glad they're all around. Their presence alone has the invigorating sense, a feeling, a scent, a memoirs of home!

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