Epigrams annotated

Wisdom sometimes comes in unexpected places. And so with stupidity, in various forms. Like putting up a shabu laboratory inside a prison compound. Or, spending millions for unproductive painting for your eyes only.

What is good for goose is good for the gander. Not always. Especially, if the gander’s mood is unpredictable.

Don’t let the last straw break the camel’s back. The coup d’etat almost did it.

The end justifies the means. Not always. The objective of the Magdalo could be justifiable. But the means cannot be justified. Rebellion, coup de etat or martial law- they are the same color of different shades.

Prejudice is an opinion not supported by facts, manufactured or not. How many of them in the House and Senate, Cabinet and even in the Media, are guilty of this indiscretion?

The more we cut a diamond the more it sparkles. The more we belittle a gentleman the taller he stands. Look what had happened to Trillanes and Honasan? If Trillanes’ fight in Oakwood failed he now has a better medium of making every part of it a reality at least, in no more than the Senate.

Kites fly high by going against the wind, not by floating with the wind. One gains popularity or notoriety by challenging the established order. In politics maybe!

Better to be envied than pitied. Well I say, much better is to be respected.

Ingratitude gets and forgets. That is what beneficiaries often do!

Common sense is one man’s greatest riches. Unfortunately, common sense is not common.

Don’t hang and expose your dirty linens. That is what political aspirant and their enemies did last election.

There are no slaves if there are no tyrants. Unfortunately, one cannot exist without the other. The corruptor and the corruptible are symbiotic bedfellows. We have many of them to watch for after their terms come 2010 Elections.

The tide will turn when it reaches its lowest ebb. Maybe our nation is going to that direction.

The wind blows where it pleases. But we can always adjust our sails towards our port of destination.

The validity of the argument is not a guaranty of the truth of the conclusion. That is, if the premises are false. That always happened in political harassment. T

he tongue has no bones of its own but it can break another’s backbone. That is why some glib talkers get sued for libel.

A little pot boils easily. That is why a narrow mind gets angry easily.

The man who speaks gently can be heard clearly, even if he is further away. Of course with cell phones all around!

Worry is what you pay for buying troubles. Imprisonment is what you get for selling troubles.

Where ignorance is bliss, it is folly to be wise. Better not to be a witness to a crime, or you’ll never show up alive on time.

Envy is insecurity arising from a feeling of inferiority. Guess, who is jealous of whom?

It is better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all. It is better to have tried and failed than not to have tried at all. Words of comfort to repudiated lovers and losers!

It is our own vanity that makes the vanity of others unbearable to us. That is so, if we belong to the high civil society.

A candle shines brightest when the night is darkest. May that guiding light lead our battered nation after the July 23 SONA.



  1. Amen! Geisha! This is a real treasure trove of quotable quotes! And I so agree with them..;)

  2. Thanks Gypsy:)

    theres more to come next..i just dont have enaf strength to add a satirical twist on it this time.. kinda preoccupied with thngs that are typically nonsense:(