i can't explain the sudden changes lately. its not metamorphosis! i could explain it. i'm not a cocoon either who will turn myself into a beautiful butterfly.

i just love going to work! insipred maybe! but to whom? to what? why?

i can't sleep last nyt. the pain from the facial treatment is severe. stupid attendant! she'd put too much pressure on my face! buti n lang its free dahil sa gift certificate! the fan's ranting motor sounded like a rythmn to me. they're like music to my ears. the air that blows to my back is the only feeling of consolation for this typical super init na gabi!

i tried to figure out  what had happened to me. at least being awake would be worthy. i couln't think of any. i won't be monetarily inspired coz i've been on a tight budget lately. i could've starved to death if not for a hundred dollar gift from heaven (lol..wag mo nang itanong pa)! yun nga lang the exchange rate is not in my favor. Shit!

in love? not exactly...bothered ako sa kanya. wala na syang ginawang tama kundi demand ng demand! i split him last nyt..and i promised myself i will never ever engage in a stupid commitment ever again..nakzzz!

ewan ko ba!

lately i've been pre-occupied with the music of andrea bocelli and pavarotti!i just can't resist Caruso and Con te Partiro...

and of course kahit di ako conversant masyado sa italian kinaya ko pa rin xa... nakaka relax kc ang rythmn eh...

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