The night was dull. No moonlit streetwalks. No people around the neighboorhood for a late night beer cheers.

The night was tranquil. Its calmness is boring. I lay down early after hearing the news. After that i became unconscious. I had a beautiful sleep.

I felt a cold metal struck in my neck. Strange i said. I was nervous. I knew there were intruders in the room. I'm just too coward to open my eyes and see. They didn't say a thing. Perhaps upon knowing that i was deadly asleep.

The man then shake my shoulders and wake me up. I can't resist but open my eyes to the reality of the incidence. I saw two men holding a gun ready to fire anytime, pointing at me. I was scared to death. I rubbed my eyes to see if i was dreaming. I was not. I saw my cousin still sleeping beside me. He was snoring out loud and don't have any idea about what's going on. I compose myself not to do anything that would attract their attention. I remained calm and relaxed my back on the beds headboard. Still, i hear no voice. No demands. No rants. They remained silent. GUns are still pointed on me.

It was like one of the films i saw where the victims were shouting for help and the culprits are pulling thier hairs telling them to shut-up or they get killed. I am glad this is extremely the contrary to what films had shown. No one said a word. Nt me. Not them. All i hear is the pumping station of my blood. I can hear how the aorta pumps blood to my left ventricle to mixed with oxygen.

My cousin woke up in astonishment and before he said a word, a deafening sound of a gun awakened the neighboorhood and a raging bullet struck his head, splashing a dark red sticky liquid on the peach painted wall. He's dead!

Dogs were barking so loud and roosters started to wake people up. The once tranquil and dull evening turned into a chaotic example of a busy city. Children goes to school and kitchen smells like hotdog and fried rice.

Its was 5 AM.

I woke up with awe and excitement. I looked at my cousin beside me and he was intact. No destruction on his cranial bone, and definitely no blood stains on the bedsheet.

Gosh! My dream was so bad!

I say a litte prayer to thank god for another day!

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