I was in the middle of listening to Lani Misalucha's Crossover Album after shift when i decided to swith off the CD mode to AM mode. Una kong narinig ang boses ni Vic de LEon Lima sa DZMM reporting and giving comments about the current issues that the people of the philippines are talking about as far as politics and the dirty politicians are concern.

COMELEC had been hunting Bedol, the infamous turned famous culprit, who said that the COC's in Maguindanao were lost without further explanations. Bedol is facing an administrative case, criminal, illegal possession of firearms, infidelity in the custody of public documents and contempt dahil sa pang-iisnub sa Comelec. Although the COC's were already counted by the comelec, it must be noted that the announcement of the 12th senatorial rank is still under close fight between aspirants Koko Pimentel and Migz Zubiri.

CA ( commission on appointments) was faced with issues concerning extortion. Sen. OsmeƱa bares more bribery in the House committee. He said, he too, was offered millions of pesos by officials of DA, DOTC and DPWH in exchange for the confirmation of their appointments. Its time for others to say a word too. Almost all government agencies and department have under the table transaction. I wonder why CA was put into limelight? Lahat naman yata ng ahensya ng gobyerno saklaw ng pangungutong at bribery.The only way legislators could put an end to irregularities in the CA is to punish those found involved. At malamang silang lahat mapaparusahan! Given na yun!

PBB had finally announced their BIG 4 that would compete for the big winner tomorrow (june 30). Rumors has it that Wendy was a management's pet. It must be noted that the eviction of Nel and not Wendy had caused several flaws and changes in the flow of the show. Wendy's bitterness towards housemates GIAn and Bea had ceased the viewers support on the former due to her insensitivity, rudeness and negative attributes. Forums online and on other internet hubs are looking forward for the eviction of Wendy. Yet last night's eviction, Wendy was spared in exchange of Bodie , son of veteran actor Tirso Cruz.

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