Its a feeling of deja vu!
I knew i have been here before. Alam mo yung feeling na parang dumaan k na sa stage na dinadaanan mo ngayun. Anyhow, i'll treasure this up while its here.hahaha

I've been bothered by my "horrorscope" today. Ayoko na sanang basahin xa kaya lang ito yung binalik na feature sa Friendster and my fingers couldnt resist but click on the link.

The Bottom Line
When someone seems to espouse two contradictory ideas today, say nothing.
In Detail
You may be confused when someone close to you espouses two seemingly contradictory ideas today. To you, it will sound as though this person is talking out of both sides of his or her mouth. But don't start poking holes in these notions just yet. You need to give this person time to think -- at least for a few more days. It's not always up to you to organize your loved ones' thoughts -- sometimes, they have to do it themselves.

I wonder who that is. I am living with my cousin now. My roomate for a year had left without notice a week ago leaving me with billing issues. Somehow, i managed to live alone yet my cousin wants to stay dahil wala rin naman xang mapupuntahan.

My confusion was perhaps about a person's loyalty. I can always feel a persons loyalty. I can always sense where his loyalty is. LAtely, i've discussed to him about having his own life. I told him the next time he'll entertain those text and calls, he'll see all his belongings outside the room. I candidly told him i always have an open door for him. He is welcome to stay and leave anytime he wants. He had confessed few other things i dont want to hear. FEw things against me and few others are compliment. But i need not stoop on those nonsense. I know i have beeter things to do than argue.

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