Ang bilis ng araw. Ang bilis ng panahon.
I'm about to celebrate my one year stay here at PS. I can't believe it. For a year i was lost in circulation to daily friend's update and happenings. For a year my life was somewhat isolated in the BPO industry.

Isolated as it may seem, enjoy naman! My tita once asked me if the job is stressful (she's a doctor kc) and i said NO without batting an eyelash! I explained to her that your cubicle/station will serve as your little community and your peers as your sole kakampi. Exciting that is! IF and only if you can exist in loneliness!

Marami na rin sa mga ka batchmates kong na hire ang umalis. YUng iba nag resign na.Others had their business while others look for a greener pasture somewhere.Samantalang ako, andito pa rin with few others who choose to stay.

Gayunpaman, we will still plan to celebrate our anniversary. Maybe with some foods and drinks. Di naman nawawala yun eh! It will serve as a reunion na rin to all who had left and stayed at PS.

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