Yesterday is history.
Tomorrow is mystery.
Today is   a gift.


I bet I have lots to share today...I just prayed my time will be enough to put into account all that has happened to me for the past two weeks. let me start by qouting the previous post i made and let this be its continuation. fasten your seatbelt and relax...

April 22, Sunday

I'm glad its my restday today. My friend Arnel and our newly found friend Mauro will be arriving soon from their 4 day stay at Paradise Garden Hotel in Boracay. I just can't wait to see them both. They left me at the Metro while the two have been busy tanning themselves from the scorching summer heat and the picturesque sunset at Bora. Arnel phoned me around 10 AM and i was heading for the airport  by then. After few minutes of waiting, I saw them dark and exhausted. Well, who else won't? After all its Bora!

I knew they have tales and legends to tell. Lots of it for sure! I decided to bring them to the nearest hotel to leave their baggages and get ready to lunch. We ended up at Best Western Astor Hotel at Makati Avenue where the center of Makati's nightlife evolve! We checked in and immediately headed to the nearest Rockwell for lunch. We ended up crusing over italian pasta and apple pie at Cusina Victoria! We had few walks therafter and bought some stuff at PrP.

April 23, Monday

Another day for the three of us. I sleep at the hotel to accompany them. Both dont have any idea where to go to. The good thing is SUN & MON is my off and my leave of absence was filed already. We decided to have some walk at greenbelt and to buy some stuff as well. We walked all the way from Rustans to Glorietta and Greenbelt! Mau decided to check the condo for sale at The Residences hoping that he will find a good one or at least hoping he could have a budget on it.

We left Ayala Activity center around 7 pm and ready ourselves once more for another gig after the dinner we had in a Thai resto.

Monday night was the funniest of all. Its as if we had a reunion. Ar-Ey's sisters are coming and we decided to have a lavish dinner at Barrio fiesta. The girls are cool and like their kuya who is a title holder (fyi R.A. is the current mr. gay philippines 07), they too are beauty titlist in La Union and Pampanga. The girls join us with our friend Geri. After the dinner, headed off at Music 21 to sing and have some wine!

We went back to the hotel at around 2 AM while the girls took the early bus going to the north.

April 24, Tuesday

My supervisor called me early in the morning asking me if i had filed the the leave of absence. I did i say but she wants me to report. Without a second thought i went to the office supposedly to re file my leave but sadly speaking i reported for work. Its a good thing Mauro and Arnel were all sleeping that day.

Somehow, its a blessing in disguise! We had the Annual company physical examination and i dont have any time to do it except today. Tommorow i'll be on leave and so is thursday so i decided to complete all that has been required. True enough, i did! but its never that easy.

I have a phobia on needles. I dunno whats that called! That makes the process a bit harder! my blood rushes through my viens everytime i saw the medtech inserting a big needle through the arm extracting blood. It makes my blood pressure rise. Though i never had a good sleep the other night i can't believe my BP's 130/100! Not only that! I took the BP process for five times. It was not until i took the anti-anxiety pill Mauro recommended to me that my blood pressure was lowered! At least I was able to overcome my fear! The needle was finally inserted and blood cam rushing to the vial... at least i can go home fine and relax! But i still has to pass  urine sample tommorow! I went back to the hotel to attend to my friends needs and have dinner.

April 25, Wednesday

Lets drive home the salient point! We had dinner at MAkati Shangrila!Not a thing to brag! but my jawline was shocked by the bill we had! its almost 12 thousand! Well Mauro pay the price!

April 26, Thursday

Since my leave was approved (buti na lang) we planned to feed Mauro's curiousity over ClubMwah! There we witness the shows prime cast! Bedazzled 6 was amazing! their performance was world class! They deserve to be called the "philippines' las vegas"!

April 27, Friday

I reported for work today! Don't tag me absent! We went to BED during the night after having party at Government!

April 28, Saturday

The tour was planned ahead since Mauro will be leaving the other day! He'll supposedly leave tonight but he cancelled it. He wants more time to spend in the metro and of course to us! Where's the tour? Duhhh they badly wanted to go to there we went and made our legs tired and exhausted! Ano pa nga bah!

The Three Stooges...Mauro, Arnel (far back) and JefF


April 29, Sunday

We sent MAuro at the airport for his evening flight! Arnel temporarily stayed at home. His ticket was all paid anyway. I was so relieved! Not due to Mauro's absence but due to the hectic schedule i had for the past weeks! Katkat dre, katkat didto! Kapoy!

Arnel stayed at home! That night, we went to P2 and have fun! We had extreme fun!

April 30, Monday

As usual, rest sa morning katkat sa gabie. We went to F that night. As usual, labaw pa sa fun! I never had a good sleep not even a nap! i went home dressed and get ready to work! Este sleep on the floor pala! hehehe

May 1, Tuesday

This time i demand to rest! i have to...wala nkoy time to sleep tungod sa mga katkat! So i snoreddd..Zzzzzzzzzz.......

May 2, Wednesday

I had a good rest. went to office and rest again at least im starting to rejuvinate the electrolytes i lost..hehehhe

May 3, Thursday

Arnel's flight was scheduled on the fourth of May! since he dont want to leave no stone unturned, we once again went to P2 to celebrate his dispedida. We drank, dance and marvelled to the performances fo the impersonators they have on the bar! Of course since i knew it'll be a "morning the night gimmick" i called in sick so i could absent reasonably!

May 4, Friday

Arnel finally set off to leave Manila and fly to Cebu after all the katkat in Bora till here in the Metro. He had all the premonitions buti na lang he reached his destination safe and sound! We really prepared all the events of his wake that day while his on air!hehehehhe

Taken at Club Mwah with Arnelleeeeyy....

May 5, Saturday

A very typical day! Boring and back to basics. No more Katkat!!!! Worl, Eat and Sleep!

May 6, Sunday

Its my off today! the least that i could do is to be at my cousins house in malibay! i did! and i had a good time with my cousins! Geri texted me, informing his absence on his early morning shift and invited me to hang up with Jess (my cousin). I left Malibay around 12 midnight and reached our destination past 1 AM. All the bars are closed and crowded if not, the shows had ended! We ended at Satellite singing our fave songs! We stay awake all night till we were almost burn to ashes by the heat of the morning sun at the Riverbanks.

May 7, Monday

We went to JEss' house around 6 AM prepared breakfast and get ready to sleep! I woke up around 11 and took my brunch! After lunch we decided to once again have some drinks! I meet or should i say we meet Gary. A guy known as jack of all trades...from construction worker, to hotel waiter to bar it he had experience it! Duhhhh... Moving forward, we had a good talk and had a good conversation. It ended up on the bed! On his bed! Maybe because we'r drunk... For me that is only lust no more no less..No string attached! As of this writing he'd been tring to contact me thru phone but i hate to connect what has been done due to drunkeness... It could've been better if were both sane! I will maybe give him a chance to see the brighter side of me..Maybe later, maybe soon...



I would like to personally thank my sponsor for the katkat ever made for two weeks. Maxfactor for my make-up. People are People for my shirts. Bench for my jeans. Yaku for my shoes! Mauro for the KAtkat! Arnel for the ratchratch. Ray Allen and his sisters for accompanying us.  Makati shangrila health club for the tennis bout! And also for the dinner! BArrio Fiesta makati ave for the accomodation and daily buffet. I love your crispy pata! Aristocrat, Malate for the first calss service! BeD, Malate for accomodating our friend Ar-ey as well as Gov. in makati ave. Manila Penn and Best Western Astor hotel for billeting us. Music21 for our concert with GEri. ClubMwah for the recognition . Your the best! Laffline for playing all of our requested songs in exchange of one dollar! Duhhhh And above all for all the keks who escorted us along the way!

God bless you all:)hihihihihiih

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