More often than not, we tried to blame ourselves and oather factors when life's purpose are not met!

We tend to go against the wind when we're faced with turmoils and distress. We should've tried to be reselient like a bamboo does. 

We tried to follow our pride when situation requires it. But we never dare to listen to others whisper and others care are left behind. We might be facing different faces, differents paths are journeyed but we too have the same goal. That is to succeed and be recognized. No matter what the field maybe.

Life for me have never been this colorful lately. I mean oathers call it love while i call it "nothing". Just a typical day where you wake up with somebody hugging you tighter than yuo think and caressing you to sleep. Others are waiting for this moment. Me too. But now that i have him, i still felt an emptiness, longing, and crave for something else! I never said that i loved him! (from a teleserye flick). Well, he never said that either. Not even in text not ain words or even actions. But we have the same passion maybe. Being happy in each others arms is another story. I maybe in a state of denial. I am. I have fears. I have hesitations and more i have pressumptions.

Its bad i know. But the least that i could do not to fell out of it is to try loving him. I'll try my best to learn each others weakness. But i wont give all that i have. I know time will come in this relationship called "hibang" time is a big element. Only time can tell when  the color fades. Only time can tell when the spring comes. But i can make it better. I can make it last.


YEs its ture life is so colorful. As for me, i tried not to show its full bloom! Whatever the cause maybe, at least its the mind that says not the heart! Im a rational being!

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