Too bad i became a victim of it!

Its very unfair indeed!

I wonder what motivates these people to fabricate stories from the farthest figment of their imaginations!

I wonder how many of them who have been very proud of their own achievements but didn't even bother to look behind the people they stepped behind to get to the first! I know life is full of competition! I have been a candidate as well but i never had the chance of winning anything i went through by means of cheating!

If you can't make it, leave it that way! Strive on the weaker side! For sure you'll have your turn soon! Wait for it! Don't dare invent stories about your fellows so as to distruct them along the way!

You too have stains needed to be cleared! You too have mistakes needed to be corrected!


I have a lot of it! If i should've not been empathic i should've slapped your faces to death for inventing accusations impossible to bear!

I indict the insecures whose others tears serves as their laughter! I indict the "know it all" who didn't even know how to identify animals from cartoon characters! I indict the "believers" who didnt even know how to apply Christ's message to humankind.

I indict those that labeled themselves as intelligent but neither had an open mind, who listened cheerfully and jump into conclusions upon hearing a one sided story!

I cursed thee that are pretentious, backfighters and professional but are not educated! You have been very mindful of other people's affairs but you dont even bother to hear the faintest sound of your conscience!

I am very friendly and loyal yet cunning and mischievous when situation requires it!

Thus concludes who were you bumping at!

Have a life mga insecure! Di pa naiimbento gamot para sa inyo kaya umayos kayo!

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