Warning: the title does not support the thought in this blog:)

sometimes its good to be choosy on your titles to make it catchy and interesting. that's what were taught of on feature writing. not for news. though sometimes news headline embraces such principle, it must appear brief and concise.

the rule of the thumb is, make it the way you want it to be.

March 1o, Saturday, after shift (4PM)


~ "mommy nor" invited me (or should i say forced me) to come along with her to malabon for its her friend's birthday. though hesitant of being left out at first or should i say being out of place, i never had a second thought to accompany her, since malayo nga ang malabon from mandaluyong where she lives.

there we go...after few introductions and some wits and homur, we feasted on fresh lumpia, menudo and adobo. im so full. sirok?heheh

after some hard laughs and exchange of nonsense conversation (yeah nonsense talaga pero di boring, ang saya nila ha in fairness) we headed to their rooftop for some liquours. beer for that matter.

ang saya nila...namin pala. at take note, ang gwapo ng mga pamangkin nung birthday celebrant.hehehe kaya masaya ako kahit papano.

serious tayo.

with the friendship the four of them created and establish, i can't quite imagine how they all ended up in each others arms. no inhibitions, no problems, nothing matters only hard laughs and sweet conversation of memories and the usual friendship jokes where they too of course knew. the other persona is widow, the other's hubby left her with the kids to raise and the other single. they too perhaps has the common denominator. and that is being SINGLE..maybe forever.

i was quite impressed the way their friendship evolve from a mere officemates in a law firm until they established as one big happy family with their kids as extensions being mag-kumare at kumpare:)

i headed home and went to bed at 3 AM.

March 11, Sunday (8AM)


~rheign my officemate invaded my sound sleep with a phone call. too early to wake up though but my conscience told me to answer the phone. it started with hello and ended up with the usual goodbye.

i took shower and dressed up for the lunch invitation. it was 10 am.  although i admit i needed enough sleep, their company means a lot to me. i really need to see them and its been months since the last time we shared the same presence in the same apartment.

there i saw my old friend again. same old friend. with few changes. the other's preggy, the other's same pa rin and the other became two years older in his looks. stress does matter i thought.

after sharing some experiences untold for the last three months, we had lunch and continued our chit-chat. we bid adieu with a promise in each others hearts to see once more the next weekend for some movie marathon.

March 12, Monday (whole day)


nothing much. i love this day! i had the whole day of rest, yosi, eating and watching TV. i am looking forward to have another fruitful restday the following  week.

March 13, Tuesday (4AM)

DST (daylight saving time!!!!!)

pang-asar! kakainis! akalain mo, one hour early akong papasok sa office because of DST.grrrrrrr

my typical day starts at 5 am. have a bath, eat (kung di tatamarin) and headed for work. but now parang nag-iiba na talaga. i hate waking up at 4 am just because of DST. i need to adjust na naman with the work schedule and the break schedules as well...

hmmmm but wala akong choice.hmf!

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