Election Fever...ELECTION CHERFER!


Politics in the Philippines is indeed too bad to be an entry for public governance. The basic formula of spanish inquisitions have become the basic formula of these politicians. Gold, God, Goons for this matter.




Needless to say, a person who aspire for public office in this country must establish a good resources of GOLD--money. While this is true to most endeavor and undertakings, this has been negatively associated with different acts of fraudulent activities. Here, Money is powerful especially during election. Vote-buying is of course the common denominator.


I was onced a witness of how this scenario infiltrated the basic foundation of true public governance among the youth. And that is the Sangguniang Kabataan.

BEing equipped with my idealism and principle of genuine service, i aspire for a seat in the local SK way back in 2003 bout. Unfortunately, i won with majority vote. But i'm thankful i only aspired to be a councilor and not for the Chairmanship.


I could've been happy or even happier to the plight i had on the first experience i had to run for public office. But i could not dare accept the reality that GOLD became a factor for all this. At least i have never wasted mine but i pitied those that exchanges their VOTE for a five hundred peso bill. If Ninoy Aquino can only speak, He could've advised those young voters to be idealistic to realize the value of their votes. I can still recall how those voters lined up in unison to claim the GOLD in exchange of their votes. True enough, the ticket won. But just as i thought where it would end, it ended with nothing.The chairman became so preoccupied with her project, a dream house, and the realm of governance has been set aside. Nobody dared to question! WHY? Because their paid in advance! I indict the people who brainwashed the minds of the young voters to have their votes paid.




During the Spanish colonization, we were able to embrace at least one advantage of their occupation and that is bringing christianity to the filipino morons.(joke lang) True to its purpose of spreading the words of God, they became triumphant as evident on the rich christian faith we had after hundred years after their occupation.


But today, the name of the Lord is used in vain.


I was astounded yesterday when  kids and old alike along the neighborhood rushed to the highway. I was curious of course. I've been speculating lots of things until i saw what they are after for. I even thought a showbiz personality coming to town only to find out that a poster and personal propaganda had been distributed. At first you will not think of it as a campaign paraphernalia. How the hell will you know if what you saw outside the transparent plastic is the most venerated image of the sacred heart of jesus, a holy rosary and a holy water? Yes! You got it right! inserted between the image is the elecion paraphernalia and personal biography of a politician.Tsk Tsk Tsk..whatta shame:( I can't imagine what courage they had to use these materials as part of their campaigns. Even the CARITAS newspaper i read early this morning has an insert on it. It could've been better if its for a charitable institution but i lost my appetite when the inserts are once again political ads and posters.


I remember a passage in the bible. I just can't remembr how its exactly said though. I just remember the thought that says the bad will infiltrate the church and be among the sacred. Thats what exactly happened to someone who aspires for a public office who's aim is nothing else but superficial.



So far, I never had a personal account as to this factor is concerned. But i've been concerned on political killings between politicians. Of course no one wants to be outdone by the others. So instead they just have to kill those that barred their ways on the personal motives they had. Way back in the land of promise--Mindanao, I have heard many instances where threats are made and voters are blackmailed. But at least not in our locality. In muslim areas maybe. While it is true to others that the sound of a gun can create silence, it had never been a fact ever, that violence leads to peace. Peace begets peace and violence begets violence. Unless of course its PEOPLE POWER.

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