you may probably answer YES!

but mind you, you sound a bit hipocrite by that answer tring not to be too ambitious and sarcastic!

believe it or not, people who said YES stop growing! it is not wrong to make ambition and it is righteous to strive for more as well. but one must still maintain homeostatis! everything must be in conjunction with nature.

contented people sometimes stay where they are. they do not have hopes nor aspirations to move forward since the have always been contented on what they have in their lives.

marami na akong nakakausap. mga simpleng tao. taxi driver, janitor, guard,... most of them, despite the fact that they really have to strive hard to exist, still longed for a better future, a better life a better situation. almost all of them when asked the same question, implied that they are not contented. they may never directly say YES but behind their smiles and beneath their eyes you can feel that they are wanting for more as it was evident on the actions they partake daily to feed their families and buy their needs.

life maybe harsh.

at times we said its unfair.

it really is!


but setting up expectations and building dreams requires a blueprint, a plan, a sketch. so that someday, these laid down foundation will serve as your guide in achieving our dreams.

we all have dreams we want to pursue. at times it seems too difficult or even impossible to make those dreams come true. but if we believe in ourselves, refuse to give up, we too will soar up high where others done ahead of us.

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