i slept today, woke up and still theres an emptiness that nothing could ever fill in.....the daily routine's starting to be boring..or should i say, i need some break!

maybe, my physical side can withstand the graveyard shift and the pollution. but emotionally, somethings missing!

i dont know!!! no matter how hard i tried to be happy still nothing happens..

theres a certain longing i can't explain..may it be someone tangible or not..that i dont know..-----maybe that is love!

to whom it may concern:

sometimes, what you see is what you don't get.

i believe that the most silent people are generally those who think so high of themselves..

i believe that someday, what you have done to others will go back to you...

i believe in Karma and so is reincarnation!

and if you do not respect my privacy get out of my way...


im charming but extremely dangerous!


with love and care i remain,


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