thats a bad thing..

u need not hide ur true identity..

the best thing you have to fo is to stay away from the pressures..
yur situation is either due to family pressure. i mean you might probably came from a family of heterosexual individuals and are openly admitting their disgust to homosexuals.

second maybe because of peer pressure. you belong to a group of men and stands as one of them.
third maybe due to your environment, workplace or professional ethics. meaning, ur environment, workplace and job does not require you to be as openly gay as you wanted.

good thing is, thats better when ur in the closet. keep it up..that doesnt sounds ridiculous nor disgusting.thats how you live with being a be it...

but if you really wanted to spread ur wings and high to other places where u can live a new identity without others interfrences...

remember: if you eat that place, do not shit that place..

its an old confucian saying..

it works for me and maybe good for you to..

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