Sometimes i feel guilty of not giving my parents the priceless gift they needed through their lifetime. I felt useless when faced with the reality that i never brought them the DIPLOMA.

But i have always been proud of what i gave them few years ago. I'm confident that the academic awards i garnered and the citations and commendation i bagged through my entire stay in school have been good enough for them. At least i have had enough medals and certificates to give them and they do have had several stage appearances because of me..nakszzz...

But seriously, the smell of graduation is still so fresh in my nose and still so vivid im my memoirs.

Whenever i remember the day i graduated in high school (2002) i can still see the proud faces of my parents and my friends and the applause of those that didn't even expect that i can actually make it  big that day. I did not give any valedictory address not even the salutatory one coz i'm only at third but at least all attention have been upon me. Of course di ako nka gown sa graduation noh..bagong ahit lang kilay ko!heeeh

Ang sarap talaga ng feeling na tatawagin ang name mo sabay abot ng medalyang ginto (daw)! Pero its not the false gold medal i need its the recognition that for once, my efforts have been paid off! And i'm proud of that! I maybe quite, loner and aloof way back in school but i always make it a point that all assigned tasks are not left undone! That's my edge towards my contemporary whose aim is to make sipsip sa mga teachers and do the job when looked upon or merely watched.

Graduation is indeed the time when all your efforts are paid off. I can still remember when i barely eat recess just to save  money for my next Newswriting competition. I can still recall how we were discouraged by our mentors not to join the national press conference due to lack of funds. And who will ever forget the night when we slept on a used box on the bare cold floors af a classroom because our mentors expect a full accomodation on that Regional press conference. Thanks to MErcury Drug Dapitan branch who gave us those karton para gawing higaan!

Despite hardships and those pitiful experience we still went home triumphant at least. And the least that we had expected we hit it to the first. And i did it my way...

During graduation, your four years stay in school is summed up. Either the summary is good or bad, the common denominator that makes all men equal is the same Rounded BOND PAPER tied with a lace...DIPLOMA.

But i didn't have it right now. I don't have one to boast either.

In time i'll have three of them. One for the Bachelors Degree. One for Masters in Psychology. And last but not the least for Doctor of Philosphy (Ph.D.) or Doctor of Education (Ed.D.).

I know i can make it. For now, i still have to work and save money to make it happen. I don't want to depend it to anyone. Not my parents, not my siblings, not my relatives nor charity!

I am working fo it now! They say, people work to exist, to survive, to eat!

But i do, to make my dreams come true!


Make it yours too....and see you on the limelight!

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